About Us

About Us

Teme Vale are a speciality meat supplier. We produce highest quality pork products for both retail and catering use and are renowned for producing Worcestershire's Most Famous sausages. 

Founding and Malvern Country Meals

Teme Vale's origins can be traced back to Malvern Country Meals, founded by Chrys and Fiona Titshall in 1994. Originally a retail store on Church Street, Malvern supplying high quality meats and meal packs directly to customers. Malvern Country Meals grew rapidly and became renowned for selling Worcestershire's finest pork sausages. However, due to changes in the market the Malvern Country Meals store was closed in 2013 and focus was moved to the wholesale side of the business.  

Teme Vale

In October 2000, due to the huge success of sausages from Malvern Country Meals, Chrys and Fiona decided to found Teme Vale as a production and wholesale side of the business. Sausage production was moved from the small shop in Malvern to the purpose built facility at Little Lightwood Farm, Cotheridge where we still are today! Teme Vale has gone from strength to strength producing a wide selection of meat products for both the Retail and Catering markets across the West Midlands. 

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