Fresh Meat

Teme Vale Fresh Meat

Our Fresh Meat

Our highly skilled team of butchers can also supply cuts of fresh meat. All our meats are of the highest quality and locally sourced to ensure the perfect product every time.


We have a range of pork cuts all butchered by our skilled team here at Teme Vale. All our pork is locally sourced and outdoor reared to ensure highest quality. It's the same pork that goes into our award winning sausages!


We have a full selection of highest quality British Beef all cut by butchers here at Teme High quality from shank to sirloin.


As with our beef and pork, all our Lamb is highest quality locally sourced produce. Our team of butchers ensure perfectly cut, high quality lamb.


We offer a full range of poultry products all prepared by our skilled butchers. We can supply whole birds or packaged cuts depending upon your requirements.


When in season we can offer highest quality, local game. We have provided everything from Venison to Wild Boar in the past and will do our utmost to provide you with the game cuts you require.

Exotic Meat

We can provide high quality exotic meats supplied purely to order. In the past we have had everything from Kangaroo and Bison through to Ostrich and Crocodile. If there is an exotic meat you require, we will do our utmost to supply it!

Find Out More

To find out more about our fresh meat and availability on specialist meats, get in touch with us via our Contact Page, by calling 01905 333460 or on any of our social networks!

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