Guide To Cuts: Episode 1

Episode 1: Beef Loin and Rib

Welcome to Episode 1 of our new step-by-step guide to the different cuts of meat and how they are butchered and prepared.

This week we will be guiding you through Beef Loin and Ribs, marked by the areas labeled Rump, Sirloin and Foreribs on the diagram below!

*To view any of the images in a larger size, simply click on them*

lFABsThis is the first stage of the process, the primal cut of beef as we recieve it here. Up step our team of skilled butchers!

1We then remove the fillet steak and seperate the Loin from the Rib.

2The image below shows all the different cuts seperated out. Top right is the Fillet, the centre shows the Rump in 3 sections, just above that is the Bone in Ribs and at the forefront Sirloin Steaks before trimming!

3We take the untrimmed Sirloin Steaks and trim them down to the perfect size and weight. These Sirloins below are now finished and ready for the kitchen.

4This is the Bone In Rib section. This can be left whole, as shown in the image below, perfect for a carvery or roast.

5The image below shows the same bone in rib section, but turned and ready for cutting.

6To create Bone In Rib steaks, the section must be carefully cut by one our skilled butchers.

7Finally once all the steaks have been cut and trimmed they are vacuum packed, sealed and delivered to our customers!


Thank you for taking the time to read through this guide and we hope you check out our next episode.

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