Our Ingredients

Locally Sourced Meats

If our ingredients can be locally sourced, they are. We use only local wholesalers or farms to ensure Worcestershire's most famous products support local business as much as possible. We form a personal relationship with our suppliers and work together as local businesses. Whenever we can we use RSPCA “Freedom Food” approved outdoor reared pork. 

Highest Quality Ingredients

Equally important is the quality of all the ingredients we use. A similar local policy holds, thus we often buy our fresh ingredients such as asparagus, pumpkins, leeks from local growers, as a reciprocal arrangement with farms that have become customers, and stock Teme Vale products in their Farm Shop, or use them in their B&B business.

Seasonings are the third vital part of the key to achieving consistently high quality products. All Teme Vale sausages use our exclusive “Classic” seasoning that is blended to our own unique recipe by one of the country’s top ingredients suppliers.

Find Out More

If you’d like to know more about the makeup of Teme Vale products, please get in touch via our  Contact Us page. We will do our best to answer any reasonable questions promptly.

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