Teme Vale's Process

We are very specific about the way we produce our products; from initial delivery to the final product. We ensure the best practises by the best team to guarantee our customers get the perfect meal, every time.

Step 1: Delivery

All our meat is delivered to us by suppliers whole. We use only the best suppliers to ensure all our meat is ethically farmed and of the high quality we expect here at Teme Vale. 

Beef Fore

Step 2: Butchering

This is where Teme Vale's team of experienced butchers takes over. The meat is now butchered into cuts ready to be used in our products. Our team use the highest quality tools and techniques to ensure the meat is butchered perfectly without damage (to themselves or the meat itself). This means the raw ingredients that go into our meats are always perfect.


Step 3: Processing

Once the meat has been butchered and cut, we then begin the processing stage. Depending on what the final product will be this step could be as simple as a slicing to produce bacon or as complex as sausage filling and finishing. Throughout the processing stage the finest techniques, tools and machinery is used along with the highest levels of quality control and hygiene standards. This is what has kept Teme Vale winning awards for it's products from day one.CIMG6925

Step 4: Packaging

Once processing is finished and checked to ensure quality, we then package and prepare our products for delivery. We make sure all our products are vacuum packed to maintain freshness and quality. The packages are then labelled and loaded for delivery.

CA packing sausages


Step 5: Delivery

The final step in the process is delivery. All our products are hand delivered by one of our refrigerated vans. We deliver ourselves instead of using couriers or postal services. This helps us build a relationship with our customers and make sure our products are delivered on time and in the same state they left production.

Van Graphics 2

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