Teme Vale Sausages

Teme Vale is famous for its Sausages. The proof is in the numerous national and local awards that have been received by us here; something we are all very proud of. Our sausages are crafted by our skilled team, using the highest quality meats and ingredients to ensure our high standards are always met. We have a range of flavours, some we sell all year round and some seasonal. 


Plain Pork, traditional, British style sausages, with a unique meaty “moorishness”. Originally produced at Malvern Country Meals, in Worcestershire. Now enjoyed throughout the U.K. The Classic was our first National Championship winner in February 2000.

Malvern Victorian

Old Fashioned Pork sausages with a mild herb mix that is an authentic recipe from the golden era of English Country House cuisine. Skilfully blended using the classic ingredients from a Victorian kitchen & herb garden.


This sausage is a classic Gloucestershire recipe, reproduced to the highest standard by Teme Vale. A robustly flavoured sausage with a strong mix of Garden Herbs. 


Traditional British recipe made without breadcrumb or rusk. An extra lean high meat sausage with a strong mix of, sage, thyme, & parsley.

Cider & Apple

The timeless combination of pork and apples, with an additional spark from one of Herefordshire’s best known products. An extra depth of flavour comes from the complementary mix of mild herbs.

Worcestershire Tomato

Pork & Tomato Sausage with chives & a hint of spiciness, sweet tomato juice from tomatoes grown in Worcestershire, accented by the sharpness of the world famous Worcestershire sauce.

Pork & Leek

The very popular combination of prime fresh pork, & one of our region's favourite winter vegetables. 

Stein Smoky

Originally developed following a request for sausages wrapped in bacon; instead the smoked bacon became an integral ingredient. A flavour truly unique to Teme Vale.


Seasonal Sausages

Alongside the above year round flavours, we also run a collection of seasonal sausage flavours. These sausages are truly unique, including flavours like:

-Pork & Chestnut

-Pork & Chilli

-Pork, Apple & Stilton

-and many more...

To find out about the range of seasonal flavours we have on offer, get in touch with us via the contact page!

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